2nd Ohio governor rival asks O'Neill to resign

2nd Ohio governor rival asks O'Neill to resign

He's a *sitting* supreme court justice in OH and a candidate to succeed John Kasich as governor.

O'Neill continues on to claim he's slept with an estimated "50 very attractive females" including a "gorgeous blonde" and "a drop dead gorgeous red head from Cleveland". When a United States Senator commits a non-criminal act of indiscretion; and when it is brought to his attention he immediately has the integrity to apologize; and the apology is accepted by the victim: IT IS WRONG for the dogs of war to leap onto his back and demand his resignation from the United States Senate.

After all we've been through this week, how does the weirdest story about a politician and sex not involve Al Franken or Roy Moore?

Former state Rep. Connie Pillich, a fellow Democrat, condemned O'Neill Friday for "joking and trivializing sexual assault".

He also acknowledged his number of 50 women might not be accurate.

O'Neill's post is a total non sequitur, suggesting either that he doesn't understand the problem with what Franken and Moore are accused of - again, this is a state supreme court justice - or that he's using the scandals as a pretext to tell everyone how often he scored in his prime.

Roughly six hours after his initial post, O'Neill hid or deleted it from his Facebook page. Democrat William O'Neill's post was immediately attacked as inappropriate and led to calls for his ouster.

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O'Neill hasn't resigned, but Chris Clevenger, one of his campaign staffers, has already left his team. He said he revealed details about himself because he suspects, as a governor candidate, he'll soon also be a media target.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O'Neill said people needed to "lighten up" about a Facebook post about his previous sexual encounters that drew wide condemnation.

He made a post on Facebook Friday that has been widely criticized, in which he says he had relationships "with approximately 50 very attractive females".

'It ranged from a gorgeous personal secretary to Senator Bob Taft (Senior) who was my first true love and we made passionate love in the hayloft of her parents barn in Gallipolis, ' O'Neill, 70, began.

An earlier version of the post gave more information about the identities of those women.

It was a startling campaign strategy in the wake of a burgeoning number of sexual misconduct accusations across the nation and one that triggered tremendous controversy in Ohio.

Contacted by the local press, O'Neill said he stood by his public statement.

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