Adviser told Trump camp about talks with Russian officials

Adviser told Trump camp about talks with Russian officials

NBC News reported: Former Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page, who has come under scrutiny in the investigation of Russian election interference, told a House committee that he sought permission for a July 2016 trip to Moscow from senior Trump campaign officials, and reported to other Trump officials about the trip when he returned.

Perhaps most important, Schiff said, Page "detailed his meetings with Russian government officials and others, and said that they provided him with insights and outreach that he was interested in sharing with the campaign".

Page, in his testimony, again stressed that the trip was understood to be separate from the campaign and said that he mentioned it to Sessions in the context of "discussing your travel schedule". Democrats have howled about recent news in the Russian Federation imbroglio that appears to contradict Sessions' longstanding claims that he didn't know about the overtures from Russian Federation to people in the Trump campaign.

On Oct. 18, Sessions testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was not aware of anyone in the Trump campaign that had communications with the Russians. The panel reached an agreement with Page to release the transcript of his interview to the public and the committee posted the transcript online late Monday.

Asked about the email, Page told lawmakers he did not mean that he had met with officials, but rather had learned of their views in local media, from scholars in Russian Federation and at a public speech given by Dvorkovich at a conference where Page was also speaking.Page said he had a "brief hello" with Dvorkovich. He is at least the second member of the foreign policy team contacted by Russians with offers of help or meetings.

Another adviser, George Papadopoulos, pleaded guilty in October to lying to federal agents about Russian contacts during the campaign. Papadopoulos and Page both served as members of candidate Trump's foreign policy committee.

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With his Russian Federation ties under scrutiny, Page said in September 2016 that he was taking a leave from the campaign. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a top campaign advisor, that he was headed to Moscow while the two were at a June 2016 dinner at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington.

Page acknowledged that he received an email from Papadopoulos a year ago that made a reference to the professor.

Of course, considering that Page met with the Intel Committee for seven hours, it was a given that we'd get some more details.

And while we're all still scrutinizing the transcript for additional details of note, Business Insider's report added that in mid-July 2016, Page also congratulated members of the Trump campaign's foreign policy team on July 14 for their "excellent work" on the "Ukraine amendment" - referring to the Trump campaign's quiet decision to alter the Republican Party's national platform on USA policy towards Ukraine in a direction Russian Federation preferred. Hicks is now the White House communications director.

"In his testimony, however, he was forced to acknowledge that he communicated with high level Russian officials while in Moscow, including one of Russia's Deputy Prime Ministers", Schiff said.

Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, put another nail in Trump's coffin after Carter Page admitted that he not only met with high-level officials in Russian Federation but that he also notified his supervisors on the Trump campaign about the meeting.

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