Instagram now allows optional photo and video message replays

Instagram now allows optional photo and video message replays

The remix feature lets you capture the original photo message and incorporate it into your reply, complete with the option to "remix" it with added stickers, text and doodles. After a friend sends you a photo as a direct message, you can grab that photo as a sticker and use it in your reply to "remix" its look. Apart from causing you to rack up a ton of updates that you keep putting off carrying out, you're probably always the last one to get new features on social media apps. They can then respond back the same way until your conversation becomes a never-ending photo remix. If you wanted to add your own touches to a pic you received, you'd have to download it, edit it manually, then resend it.

This new feature only works if your friends Direct Messages you a picture.

The remix feature is just some silly fun that you can have with friends if you have nothing better to do.

You Can Now 'Remix' Photos Sent to You on Instagram
Instagram now allows optional photo and video message replays

These updates are available for Instagram version 24 in iOS and on Android. This reply includes a sticker of the image you're replying to. Users are provided two options - One View and Allow Replay. Add filters, rotate, resize, or draw on your friends to create a fun thread of pictures. Photos and videos sent with "Allow Replay" loop automatically and your friends can tap and hold to pause.

Instagram keeps on introducing new features to remain highlighted among other social media platforms.

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