IPhone X owners report seeing 'green line of death' on device's display

IPhone X owners report seeing 'green line of death' on device's display

We've recently covered a number of issues which affect some of the new iPhone X devices, such as problems with the speaker, and the dreaded green line along the edge of the display.

Some of the affected users have reported the earpiece issue of the iPhone X on Reddit and Twitter, as well as explain its existence in the comments section on 9to5Mac.

Kuo now pegs next year as the "real super-cycle" because he believes Apple will release its new phones on-time without delays, the larger range of price-options with Face ID, and strong demand for iPhone X continuing through 2018. From the many pictures, it looks like the line typically runs vertically along the far left or right side of the screen, but can show up elsewhere on the screen as well.

Once again, if you've spent a whole load of money on this phone and have any of these issues, you should get in touch with Apple for an exchange or fix. So it's always wise to know what you might be in for before investing Rs 1 lakh on the iPhone X. The issue reportedly becomes noticeable at higher volume levels and isn't resolved even with replacement units. Like many Apple enthusiasts, I set my alarm to go off in the early morning hours of October 27th, only to find that the Apple Store was offline, overloaded with traffic.

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Previously, iPhone 8 users had complained about a "crackling" sound. Last week, some users found that the iPhone X's screen freezes in cold temperatures.

The crackling occurs during all kinds of playback, including music, though many reports have said its especially bad during phone calls at maximum volume. It is also unclear as of now whether the issues faced are OLED-related or whether it is due to some other reason.

Our advice to prospective iPhone X buyers is simple: Get the screen guard along with the shell cover during purchase of the device. All of them are going to sport a high screen-to-body ratio and there is also going to be an LCD model included.

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