Meek Mill's Judge Sent Him Back To Jail Because Of Personal Beef?

Meek Mill's Judge Sent Him Back To Jail Because Of Personal Beef?

Comedian Kevin Hart also offered his support for Mill in an Instagram post.

Meek was in a Philadelphia court Monday when the judge ruled he'd violated probation from his 2009 drug and weapons case by getting busted for a St. Louis airport fight ... and his reckless driving arrest in NYC.

One such observer is JAY-Z, who made clear his feelings on the matter with a Facebook post late Monday night.

A United States judge has sentenced rapper Meek Mill to at least two years in jail for violating probation, a surprisingly harsh verdict that stunned the hip-hop world. At the time, the rapper served eight months in prison before being released early and placed on probation. Charges were dropped in the first case and the rapper took a dismissal deal in the second. In interviews with TMZ and Billboard, Tacopina claimed that Brinkley has been unfairly targeting the rapper, even going as far as saying she's "enamored" with him.

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In addition to this, Tacopina says the judge also once pulled up on Meek Mill and sat at a table while he was doing community service hours for the homeless people in Philadelphia.

Additionally, the Assistant District Attorney and Probation Officer, both recommended no prison time, but the judge handed down the heavy sentence regardless.

"Was with you then and we still with you now", he wrote to Meek next to an old photo. "We will always stand by and support Meek Mill, both as he attempts to right this wrongful sentence and then in returning to his musical career".

Meek reportedly assumed the judge's laughter after her suggestion meant that the request was a joke until she allegedly said, "I'm not kidding". Rapper JAY-Z wrote in a note on social media that the sentence is "unjust and heavy handed". Many have implied that a racist justice system is to blame, but the rapper's lawyers believe there could be something more personal at work. "I'm here for you, man". The sentence was handed down by Philadelphia Judge Genece Brinkley and the verdict stemmed from a drugs and firearms case from 2008.

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