Scottish Parliament Evacuated Over Suspicious Packages

Scottish Parliament Evacuated Over Suspicious Packages

A Scottish Parliament spokespersons tweeted: "An incident has occurred and the MSP building at Holyrood has been evacuated".

THREE envelopes containing white powder has sparked an evacuation from the Scottish Parliament building.

The Scottish Parliament has been closed.

The Edinburgh police said that they responded to reports of a suspicious package in parliament.

White powder was found to be contained within the envelope.

'No other areas of the campus are now affected and we remain open to the public at present. "Staff are working to assess the situation".

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Police and fire services were on the scene as emergency procedures were activated and MSPs evacuated from the building.

'This is part of a pre-arranged process put in place, ready to deal with such developing situations'.

The parliament's chief executive said only the building housing MSPs' offices had been evacuated while the rest of the parliamentary campus was operating normally.

'A lot of MSPs were in committee meetings so it was mostly staff in the building'.

No injuries were reported and officials said business would continue as normal.

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