Cold for Friday, yet milder for Saturday

Cold for Friday, yet milder for Saturday

Speaking of snow, the mountains will see increased snowfall throughout the evening. Temperatures will remain in the 20s, and although it will be less windy than yesterday it's still going to feel quite cold.

By Friday night, rain showers move into the area with periods of gusty winds.

A frigid morning is ahead for Akron Friday, with overcast skies throughout the day and a chance of snow moving in later.

FRI: Increasing clouds, PM snow showers. This could also mean more rain and snow near the end of this month into January.

Cloudy skies and seasonably cool temperatures continue into Friday, with highs in the lower 20s with scattered light snow showers.

Cold for Friday, yet milder for Saturday
Cold for Friday, yet milder for Saturday

There are still strong indications that colder weather will arrive starting next Thursday. The JET STREAM will bring cold air in from Canada and perhaps some significant snow to Colorado! High 23F. Winds WNW at 15 to 25 miles per hour.

"Through the rest of Thursday daytime, ice and snow will be mostly found over higher ground but with possible local accumulations of snow at lower levels from more prolonged showers affecting the central belt of Scotland, along Dumfries and Galloway and borders". Add in winds from the west gusting to near 35 miles per hour, and you've got wind chills mainly in the teens and 20s.

Elsewhere across the United Kingdom sub-zero temperatures are also forecast, with more wintry showers in parts by the end of the week.

This is a tricky little forecast with varying degrees of cold and wind, and multiple chances of precipitation.

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