John Travolta Says "Gotti" Wasn't Dropped

John Travolta Says

We signed this deal about three weeks ago, to purchase back the film from Lionsgate.

"All these reports are saying the studio "dropped" Gotti and John Travolta, that's 100 percent false", says the film's executive producer Keya Morgan.

The star's upcoming flick "Gotti" was set to debut on December 15 under Lionsgates's Premiere division, which had planned a small scale release of the mobster movie - a choice that didn't please Travolta. "I invited his group, they saw it and bought it", Travolta said.

"Our mistake was we should have said something right then, and discussed our plan for the film", Travolta said.

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Lionsgate Premiere was set to open "Gotti" on December 15, but news broke yesterday on the Tracking Board that the film would no longer be released and that distribution rights were being reverted back to producers Travolta has weighed in on the release controversy in an interview with Deadline and denies the film was suddenly dropped. "We didn't anticipate this speculation that is so grossly wrong". The film also stars Travolta's wife Kelly Preston and their daughter Ella Bleu Travolta, along with Pruitt Taylor Vince, Stacy Keach, Chris Mulkey, Lydia Hull and rising star Spencer Lofranco. The movie, directed by "Entourage" star Kevin Connolly, was shot mostly in Cincinnati in the summer of 2016. There is said to be some buzz on Travolta's role in the film, so finding one shouldn't be a problem.

He claimed that he has experience with producing and distributing films, so he understands Travolta's frustration that the distributor didn't think of a way to promote the movie.

HuffPost has reached out to a Travolta rep and Lionsgate for further details but didn't immediately hear back. "I've seen the frustration that sometimes happens when distributors don't think of out-of-the-box ways to promote a movie, let alone spend any P&A money", he told Deadline.

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