Party chat support rolls out to the Xbox beta app for Android

Party chat support rolls out to the Xbox beta app for Android

Now the ability to watch 4K video is limited to the Xbox One and the Xbox One S. If you have these models you may need to update your YouTube app to take advantage of the 4K video.

If for some reason you must put down the headset and walk away from your Xbox console, you no longer have to leave your party chat hanging. This reminds us of using Discord mobile app on the go if you want to talk to your friends while gaming but don't want to use the console's chat system. You can sign-up for the iOS Xbox beta app here.

The newest beta of the Xbox app on Android today introduces the party chat to your mobile device. Some of the new features include push notifications to let users know when their favorite streams log on, new tabs for trending streams and greater control of things like video quality and chatting features. You can pick up the app via iPhone and Android right now, though this isn't considered an "official" announcement just yet as Microsoft hasn't made any kind of statement about it.

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Microsoft usually brings beta features to its main Xbox apps within a few months of development, so this should be available on the regular iOS and Android apps very soon.

Follow the link below to download the beta app for yourself.

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