Snapchat Plans to Implant Its Video Stories Everywhere Online

Snapchat Plans to Implant Its Video Stories Everywhere Online

Snapchat are set to make a big change to how you share stories in a bid to improve their stagnating user growth.

Snapchat is looking to get more viewers on its videos by letting publishers post them outside the app.

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Snapchat is reportedly working on expanding its Stories feature outside of its own app for the very first time with a new initiative called "Stories Everywhere". His intention is to modify Snapchat into a one-stop destination for news, sports, and other premium video and editorial content. Twitter had made a similar move in 2011, allowing the users to take their tweets off-platform. The primary goal of the new feature is to boost the social media site's presence beyond the mobile app. But unlike say a Twitter or a Facebook post, you can not embed Snap stories elsewhere. The development of Stores Everywhere is being headed by Rahul Chopra, who in the past has served as senior vice president and global head of video over at News Corp.

One of Chopra's plans may include the future roll-out of a web player, according to anonymous source speaking with Cheddar. Parent company Snap has promised the redesign in a bid to make Snapchat more user-friendly in the face of competition from rival messaging apps, especially those fielded by leading social networking Facebook. Snap also reported a record low in monthly crash rates on both Android as well as iOS, a year after Snap started tracking the metric. The head of this project is responsible for finding out how a user-generated content on Snapchat can be distributed across the web. Unfortunately, it did not come close to Instagram Stories' active users of 300 million per month. For a company that has gone public, a stagnated user growth is not desirable and Snap Inc has realised it the hard way.

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