The USS Callister Trailer for Black Mirror Season 4

The USS Callister Trailer for Black Mirror Season 4

"Arkangel" is parenting à la Black Mirror, wherein a kid wandering off a playground is clear proof that "the key to good parenting is control", which means punching needles directly into children's temples.

What episode are you most excited to see in season four of Black Mirror? .

During the twelve days before the announcement, the streaming service revealed more detailed trailers for each episode.

The trailer begins with footage from "Crocodile", the first episode in the series, which stars Bloodline's Andrea Riseborough - spotted delivering a speech to herself in a mirror and downing a glass of wine in the series trailer - as well Outlander's Andrew Gower, and relative newcomer Kiran Sonia Sawar. In a prospective world, a dating app (or "system", as they've labelled it) decides who you can date and when your relationship will end.

Shadowing a woman whose comrades are maimed by a mystical "dog" at a storage facility, "Metalhead" is a trail story set against the vacant post-apocalyptic landform of the Scottish moors. Even the latest trailer, for Star Trek-style episode USS Callister, doesn't help.

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It's bigger in scope than previous Black Mirror episodes and tackles a different kind of science fiction. She is welcomed aboard by Jesse Plemons' Captain character, before a quick cut takes the viewer outside of the ship into the cold vacuum of space.

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has once again written each episode, co-writing USS Callister with William Bridges.

The popular series, which won an Emmy a year ago in television movie and television movie writing for the "San Junipero" episode, will return with six brand new episodes. Standout episode San Junipero won in the Outstanding TV Movie and Outstanding Writing for a TV Movie categories.

If you like the element in The Good Place of being paired up with your supposed soulmate, then Season 4, Episode 4 might be for you.

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