There's still time to get a flu shot

There's still time to get a flu shot

Influenza is a serious illness that can lead to hospitalization or death.

Visit for more information about the flu, including flu vaccination clinic locations and hours of operation, and accepted insurance and other methods of payment. The other two states seeing high influenza volumes are MS and Louisiana.

The number and percentage of influenza A detection for the week are higher than in previous seasons, although similar to the 2014-15 season, the Flu Watch report states. The case rate for Georgetown County was 32 per 100,000, while Florence County had 31.

Locally, doctors agreed that it's still too early to know whether the Northern Hemisphere's flu season will mirror what's going on in Australia.

People aged 75 years and older and people living in sub-Saharan African countries experienced the highest rates of flu-associated respiratory deaths.

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The viruses attacked by the vaccine are chosen far before the flu season because it takes a while to grow the necessary material in the millions of eggs needed.

"Much of the influenza that they recognize now that is circulating is a fairly good match with the strains in the vaccine", she says. In the event you get vaccinated and still get the flu, which is admittedly possible, the flu shot may make your illness milder, which would be greatly appreciated by anyone who has experienced influenza. "Flu typically goes through March, so at any time if you want to come in and get a flu shot, you can get a flu shot", said Carroll.

"It is still the best way to protect yourself from the flu", said Donna Oeding, administrative director of the Dubois County Health Department.

Only one-third of pregnant women have received a flu shot, even though the overwhelming majority of them visited a health care provider at least once, according to another new CDC analysis of data gathered from an internet survey conducted during the first week of November. Despite the World Health Organization's recommendation to vaccinate people in high-risk populations, few developing countries have seasonal flu vaccination programs or the capacity to produce and distribute seasonal or pandemic vaccines. It excludes deaths during flu pandemics and from conditions exacerbated by the flu, such as heart disease.

Unfortunately, there are many common misconceptions about the flu vaccine that have some individuals on the fence when it comes to receiving a flu shot.

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