Amazon opens a supermarket with no checkouts

Amazon opens a supermarket with no checkouts

But the real test will come Monday, when the first Amazon Go store is scheduled to open to the public at the base of Amazon's Day One tower on the northern edge of downtown Seattle. Long lines can deter shoppers, so a company that figures out how to eradicate wait times will have an advantage.

What can I buy at Amazon Go?

Instead, customers put items directly into the shopping bag they'll walk out with. At the time, Amazon said it expected members of the public could begin using the store in early 2017.

Amazon Go is opening a Seattle store Monday that allows customers to take necessary items and walk out - without any checkout process at all.

"This is the definition of disruption".

Kumar won't say how good the company's technology is at tallying your purchases beyond "very, very accurate", but the store does stock a lot of items that look very similar, like Diet Dr Pepper and Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper.

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Critics note the disruption could also end up meaning fewer jobs as lines of checkout clerks give way to smart stores that do their own checking out.

Amazon did not discuss if or when it would add more Go locations, and reiterated that it had no plans to add the technology to the larger and more complex Whole Foods stores. "Amazon Go does that", said Witcher.

Shoppers simply need to open the Amazon Go app on their phone and scan a QR code on the entry turnstile, at which point the store's electronic arm barriers open. At the forefront of the new age of technology-assisted living are Amazon and Google, who have created home assistants that can do virtually anything for you with voice commands - activate lights in any room, turn on music anywhere in your home, order pizza for delivery, even turn on your electric robot maid. The first store is located in Seattle, where Amazon is headquartered. This new data stream will be significant for their ability to suggest items to you once you get back in front of your phone or computer and start browsing Amazon. You can walk in, grab a veggie wrap and walk out in a matter of seconds.

The store had an nearly 14-month trial run, the Seattle Times reported, and is at last opening its doors at 7 a.m. tomorrow to "anyone with the Amazon Go smartphone app and a linked Amazon account". An Amazon employee checks IDs in the store's wine and beer section. As technology makes it less and less necessary to ever communicate with other humans, will we eventually turn into solitary creatures that avoid social engagement at all?

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