Egypt denies report that it accepts Trump's Jerusalem recognition

Egypt denies report that it accepts Trump's Jerusalem recognition

The statement also asserted that Egypt's positions on global issues are conveyed by the president, the minister of foreign affairs and in official statements, not from "alleged leaks from an anonymous source".

"We, like all our Arab brothers, are denouncing this matter", Captain Kholi continued.

Egypt submitted a UN Security Council resolution demanding a reversal of Trump's move on Jerusalem, but the resolution was vetoed by Washington.

Egypt's government on Sunday denied and harshly criticized a New York Times report that said Cairo has quietly sought to convince the Egyptian public to accept the United States recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, despite publicly opposing it. "We have enough on our plate".

The Egyptian military has struggled for more than four years to try to defeat a simmering militant Islamist insurgence centred in the North Sinai, and Egyptian officials have sometimes accused Hamas, the militant Palestinian group that controls the adjacent Gaza Strip, of abetting violence against the government of Egypt.

He added, "I think the USA is working intentionally to try to create an atmosphere which says that their move has been committed or taken with a tacit approval of certain Arab governments". In the calls, he allegedly asked that they not only refrain from condemning Trump's declaration, but also help persuade the Egyptian public to think of Ramallah - the current seat of the Palestinian Authority government - as a tolerable choice instead.

"Egypt's diplomatic stance will not be presented through leaks of doubtful credibility, but rather by the president [Abded Fattah al-Sissi] and the foreign minister [Sameh Shoukry] and official statements and all of these parties have made their resolute position on Jerusalem and the Palestinian issue clear, and this has been translated into deeds and votes at United Nations institutions despite threats from the United States", the Egyptian statement said on Sunday, according to Haaretz. "Hamas would be reborn once more", Kholi said, according to the paper. However, the NYT reported that Megahed confirmed the authenticity of the recording.

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"There is a political decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and we will strive to reach an worldwide political decision to recognize a Palestinian state ... with (eastern) Jerusalem as its capital", Safadi said. He alleged that Egypt's regional foe Qatar and its ruler, Emir Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, were the ones guilty of collaborating with Israel.

"I am friends with Ashraf and we talk all the time", Megahed said.

Talk shows are highly influential in Egypt. "I have no problem saying all of the things you have heard in that call in public".

El-Kholi's other conversations followed a similar line and were with Mofid Fawzy, who denied speaking to el-Kholi, and with Egyptian actress Youssra.

Hassaseen, who is also an MP, told al-Balad that the Times report was spurious, and that he had not appeared on television for two months.

One of the phone calls was also to well-known Egyptian actor and singer, Yousra, who heeded his advice.

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