Games With 3 Million Downloads Found Showing "AdultSwine" Porn Ads

Games With 3 Million Downloads Found Showing

First, the malicious app displays a misleading ad claiming a virus has infected the user's device. Once entered, the malicious code then uses this number to register to premium services.

Upon selecting the 'Remove Virus Now' call to action, the user is directed to another app in the Google Play Store posing as a virus removal solution.

Check Point has a full list of apps which were affected by the malicious AdultSwine code, including Five Nights Survival Craft and a "Mcqueen Car Racing Game" made to look like a Pixar's Cars movie game, among many others.

Despite significant efforts from Google, the Google Play Store is regularly hit by malware outbreaks that affect unsuspecting users.

When the malicious code is installed onto your phone, it waits for the user to unlock the device to start the malicious activity. "Along with encouraging users to download scareware and pay for premium services, "AdultSwine' also stole credentials", the Check Point researchers noted". "All these are displayed to children while playing the game that the app is masquerading as", the security firm added.

Fortunately, Google has already removed the fake malware-laced Swift Cleaner app from the Google Play Store.

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Pornographic images found on children's games in Google Play store

Cybersecurity company Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. discovered the malware, which it named "AdultSwine", and informed Google about the infected games, some of which were targeted toward children.

Stories about malware apps living in Google Play aren't new, but the reason why this is concerning is that the primary target of these gaming apps are mostly kids.

Attempting to trick users into installing fake "security apps".

The new policy would require apps to work as standalone Wear apps and force Wear APKs to be uploaded to the Play Store as a multi-APK instead of bundling them within phone apps.

"Developers [have] reported unexpected latency between when a user installs a mobile app and when the corresponding Wear app is installed via multi-APK on Wear 1.0 devices", Lam stated in a Google+ post.

All apps participating in the Designed for Families program must be relevant for children under the age of 13.

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