Hollywood's men wear black to 75th Golden Globe Awards red carpet

Hollywood's men wear black to 75th Golden Globe Awards red carpet

Host Seth Meyers kicked off the 75th annual Golden Globes on Sunday night by addressing the elephant in the room: sexual harassment scandals in Hollywood.

The joke, a reference to Plummer replacing Spacey in the film "All the Money in the World", was met with awkward gasps from the audience and Meyers quickly quipped, "Oh, is that too mean to Kevin Spacey?".

With sexual-misconduct allegations hovering over Hollywood for months, and nearly everyone dressed in black to support the Time's Up initiative opposing sexual harassment, the late-night host addressed the elephant in the room right when he came onstage Sunday night.

Watch Meyers' monologue up top. This is the beginning of the awards season, and thus the first show to address all the sexual scandals that came to light in 2017 (and show no signs of abating in 2018).

Meyers took a swipe at Kevin Spacey, who was accused by several actors of sexual assault.

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At an awards show that saw red carpet protests and social activism aimed at gender and racial equality, Meyers took aim at the male stars in the room.

Weinstein's name came up fairly early, with Meyers predicting that, years from now, he'll be booed after his death during the "In Memoriam" segment. Meyers even urged her to run for president, which was met with the biggest round of applause of the night so far.

The most surprising barb from Meyers was directed toward Woody Allen, whose past behavior Hollywood stars, even those vocal about believing women victims, are infamously reticent to comment on. "Remember when he was the one causing trouble with North Korea?" "For example, I was happy to hear they were going to do another season of 'House of Cards.' Is Christopher Plummer available for that too?" This isn't merely a fashion trend, however-it's a powerful statement against a toxic dark side of Hollywood's culture. "It's a gay coming-of-age film..." to which Eichner said: "Said Kevin Spacey, you lost me at 'of age.'" The joke promoted some grimaces, groans, and a few laughs from the star-studded audience. But those numbers might be off since a white person did the math.

"Call Me By Your Name is nominated for Best Motion Picture, said Meyers". "I'm Seth Meyers and I'll be your host tonight". "They tried to get a woman to host the show which will be judged by some of the most powerful men in Hollywood and they were like 'hmm, well where is it?' They said it's in a hotel and long story short, I'm your host tonight", he added. Meyers is a pro POTUS roaster, so his latest crop of jokes - calling the Hollywood Foreign Press "a string of three words that could not have been better created to infuriate our president" - were par for the (golf) course.

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