Arizona Woman Suffering From Rare Disease, Wakes With British Accent

Arizona Woman Suffering From Rare Disease, Wakes With British Accent

Myers, a former Texas beauty queen, has never left the United States, making these accent changes after she fell asleep with a headache especially perplexing.

On three separate occasions since 2011, Myers suffered severe headaches and surprisingly woke up with a different accent each time.

But two years ago she went down with a crippling headache and woke up with a Cockney accent she's had ever since. Michelle Myers's said that she has gone to bed with extreme headaches in the past and woke up speaking with what sounds like a foreign accent, The Washington Post reported.

It was proven that Myers is not insane nor is she faking her changing accents.

Doctors said Myers isn't "a loon" and she isn't faking it, she has a condition called Foreign Accent Syndrome, which usually follows a stroke or other condition that causes neurological damage.

"I don't know. I just feel that people don't really understand how it feels to have your voice changed", Myers said in an interview. The condition makes skin elastic and joints flexible to the point of dislocation, leading to the rupture of blood vessels, which is why Myers constantly has bruises on her legs.

Myers has another condition that could also be linked to her changing accents. And though rare, cases of the speech disorder have since been documented around the world, according to the Center for Communication Disorders at the University of Texas at Dallas.

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The condition was first documented in 1907, when French neurologist Pierre Marie surveyed a Parisian man who suffered a stroke and suddenly spoke with an Alsatian accent, though he was not from the Germany-France border region where the language is spoken.

She has been to the hospital more times than she can count and the stack of medical records she keeps in the house says she has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. "The person that I am now have been through a lot".

Her latest bout with FAS in 2015 allowed her to speak British accent.

Because this is such a rare condition, treatments are also lacking.

In 2016, Lisa Alamia, a Rosenberg woman started sounding British after waking up from jaw surgery.

The mom said she longs to return to her usual manner of speaking. "I try to tell people, I'm still me".

"People would think it was a joke, saying things like, 'You sound like a Spice Girl, ' " she told The Sun, a British tabloid. "And if I say unusual things like 'I'm just going to the loo, ' it's really weird, as I sound just like a Brit".

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