Battle Of The Super Bowl Playlists: Puppy Bowl Edition

Battle Of The Super Bowl Playlists: Puppy Bowl Edition

Now that Foles is one win away from being a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, the question has started to circulate around Denver: Do the Broncos actually need a QB or can they revert back to the 2015 team and win by way of an excellent defense?

"I'm now freaking out", Haley Parks said Friday night, as her parents tried to nail down flights to Minneapolis on extremely short notice.

Haley Parks recently had wisdom tooth surgery.

When her mom let her know the game was Sunday, Parks asked if she could go.

'No. We don't have money for a ticket, ' her mom says.

In the auto on the ride home, as the anesthesia wore off and her head cleared, Haley decided the world - or at least, her friends - needed to see it.

Rex Tillerson: China, Russia Roles In Americas 'alarming'
Tillerson gave a speech in Austin, Texas, on Thursday, ahead of a 5-nation trip to Mexico , Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Jamaica. Videgaray said both that and the wall were internal decisions for the United States government.

'I trust St Nick, ' Parks said, referring to Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.

The video below had more than 2.6 million Facebook views at the time of this blog post.

"I just put it on Facebook and one of my friends at school said you have to make that public", he continued.

The student also says she's eager for a victory parade in Philadelphia and that she has confidence in the Eagles.

M. PARKS: No, you didn't miss the Super Bowl.

"I AM OFFICIALLY GOING TO THE SUPERBOWLLLLLL", the Rutgers University student said on her Facebook page Friday night. Haley veers from fear that she'd missed the Super Bowl game to weepy concern for Carson Wentz' injury to declaring her love for the team, which she says is "like my sisters". "We're happy to be going, but we won't be happy watching them lose", he says.

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