Metal Gear Survive 1.02 Update Comes with New Improvements

Metal Gear Survive 1.02 Update Comes with New Improvements

Chasing the lucrative service game tail, Konami has monetized Metal Gear Survive in lots of different ways-including making gamers pay cash to unlock extra save files.

Now, as nearly nobody reads every single line of every EULA in existence, it's actually hard to tell if this is something that is common language in EULAs or Metal Gear Surivive is one of the few or only one to do this. The game's End User Licence Agreement (EULA) apparently emphatically states that you are not allowed to start a relationship through Survive, nor are you permitted to indulge in any political-based shenanigans such as a pre-election campaigning.

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Metal Gear Survive is a massive departure from the Metal Gear you may know and love, especially if you're looking for stealth action or Hideo Kojima's signature storytelling style. It features a co-op multiplayer mode in which player can be joined by up to 3 players (or play solo - in solo, the player will be joined by 3 AI team-mates). Hopefully, everything will go smoothly with the beta's launch this time around. Up to three other players can join your game to explore the world and complete missions with you. In a struggle to survive and understand this new environment, players engage in both single player and connected co-op. There's also a selection of daily missions to get out in, if you so choose.

If you missed out on the previous Metal Gear Survive beta, you have one more chance to try the Metal Gear spin-off out ahead of its release next week.

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