US, Pakistan Pursuing Own Interests in The Afghan War: Karzai

US, Pakistan Pursuing Own Interests in The Afghan War: Karzai

But following January's Kabul attack that left more than 100 people dead he rejected the notion of peace talks with the militant group. We want to be better.

These leaders, he said, also reaffirmed their support for the Afghanistan Compact - a series of reform benchmarks established by the Afghans -to implement reforms in areas of security, governance, rule of law, economic development, and reconciliation.

In November, the Watson Institute of global and Public Affairs at Brown University said in a study that the USA had spent 5.6 trillion dollars on military conflicts in the Middle Eastern region since the 9/11 terror attacks with 877.4 billion dollars of them spent on the operations in Afghanistan, including the Coalition Support Funds for Pakistan. "Act in Pakistan doesn't mean that the Pakistan people should be hurt or that war should be launched in Pakistan", he added.

After Sullivan credited Pakistan for what it has done for Afghan refugees, saying that if they went back home en mass, it would be an unmanageable burden for Afghanistan, Senator Chris Coons made a remark about Trump's xenophobic immigration policies.

A team assigned by Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to investigate the deadly attack has found that seven high ranking officers committed professional negligence when the facility came under attack, Afghan Presidential Palace said in a statement on its Facebook account.

Budget in progress: Senators talk 2-year deal
The government will run out of money after midnight on Thursday night if both chambers do not approve a spending bill . The government could end up having trouble paying its bills if Congress cannot raise the debt ceiling.

Karzai called it a US creation and said it "undermined Afghan democracy and the Afghan constitution". He believes Washington wants to establish permanent bases in Afghanistan to project power in the region, while Pakistan wants to turn Afghanistan into a client state.

"In my view, their intention is to keep us divided and weak so they can carry on their objectives in this region", Karzai said. "They have Russian Federation as a revitalized, re-energized great power on the world scene, and they feel threatened and challenged". "We appreciate these contributions, and we look forward for more ways to work with India to promote economic growth and security in Afghanistan", Sullivan said. The use of terrorism has no place in a rules-based worldwide system.

"The key, in my opinion, is the relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan". Public sentiment also runs against the presence of foreigners in the country along with the Kabul government, which is perceived as deeply corrupt and incompetent. The elections reflect the will of the Afghan people and create an inclusive government. And what are the foreign soldiers doing?

Trump also stated that the authority of USA troops to target terrorists in Afghanistan would be expanded and approved sending an additional 4,000 troops to the country.

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