Amazon might give Alexa more intelligent real-time translation powers

Amazon might give Alexa more intelligent real-time translation powers

Amazon said its highly popular US-East region has been dropping packets all morning, US West Coast time, thanks to unidentified connectivity problem with Direct Connect.

Yahoo Finance reports that one of the ways being considered would allow Alexa to translate languages in a more sophisticated manner.

Amazon Alexa is already capable of translating short sentences in English into 36 different languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian and Thai. It would ideally have an understanding of Japanese culture as well and would incorporate that knowledge into its translations. By doing so, it would be able to instantly serve up a useful, accurate translation for a person from the U.S. who only speaks English and is attending a wedding in Tokyo. However, users were able to access the digital assistant through Alexa app, notes TechCrunch. Context and cultural awareness is something that's still missing.

More changes will happen to Alexa.

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Alexa's super translation abilities would mean the Amazon product would head out into the world with users - not just stay at home on a counter waiting to turn on lights and play music while you cook dinner.

Meanwhile, other companies have also attempted to create something similar. Like with the Pixel Buds, Bragi's own device wasn't met with much success, as pointed out by The Verge.

Many users are reporting trouble using Alexa on Echo speakers.

According to the report, Amazon's team never pointed fingers at company CEO Jeff Bezos, but Nest employees reportedly ended the call under the impression that the decision came from Bezos.

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