Apple may launch a 'foldable' iPhone in 2020

Apple may launch a 'foldable' iPhone in 2020

Citing data collected by a firm called Wave7 Research, Piecyk notes both that Apple likely is taking share of the USA smartphone market's sales in the March quarter, and also that its mix of units is tilting toward the newer iPhone X and iPhone 8-Plus.

Apple introducing a gold version of the iPhone X midway through the current product cycle isn't entirely unreasonable - after all, credible reports say that Apple originally wanted to introduce a gold version of the iPhone X but ran into problems manufacturing the device.

Apple will introduce new low-priced iPad and software crafted for education next week. In effect, this could also increase the sales of Apple Pencil and boost the bottom lines of suppliers Compal, Unimicron, Unitech and Simplo.

While Apple had mixed reactions when they released a commercial suggesting that a new generation of kids would render regular computers obsolete, it's true that the iPad is a pretty capable device that can do a lot of what the average MacBook can accomplish.

Apple Pencil is a peripheral that serves as a drawing and writing tool for compatible Apple devices. You will have to shell out another $99 to buy the pencil stylus. We can expect for the device to adopt a newer Apple processor; perhaps the A10, but probably not the A11 processor that's used in Apple's 2017 iPhone devices (iPhone X/iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus).

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However Kuo claims that Apple might use the field trip to announce a new, cheaper iPad, along with a new keyboard accessory.

The iPhone maker is hosting an education-focused event on Tuesday in Chicago where they're expected to make a few product-related announcements. There are no specific details about the software available as of late.

There are several reasons to doubt the rumor, one of which is the fact that financial analysts are usually not viewed as reliable sources for tech industry news. Apple also declined to confirm the existence of the software. In the majority of classrooms, the budget just isn't there to outfit teachers and students with a new iPad or Mac.

Apple is said to be launching a new iPad device next week.

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