Archbishop of Canterbury urges Saudi crown prince to treat Christians better

Archbishop of Canterbury urges Saudi crown prince to treat Christians better

The Downing Street spokesperson insisted May had raised the issue of Yemen with the crown prince.

The crown prince has shaken up his deeply conservative country since he became heir apparent to King Salman previous year. More than 22.2 million there require food aid.

Ford Motor Company has begun the inaugural session of Ford Driving Skills for Life for Her, a special variation of Ford's global safe driving program for teens and new drivers, in Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed bin Salman's visit comes at a time when all eyes are on the heir to the Saudi throne to see what direction the Middle East superpower will take.

But as Britain rolled out the red carpet for his visit, many people were furious about the visit considering Saudia Arabia's role in the war in Yemen and the country's human rights record. It has armed and supported the Saudi military for years, with United Kingdom fighter jets and bombs playing a central role in the destruction of Yemen. They cited Saudi Arabia's continual ill treatment of women, as well as its brutal repression and lack of a free press along with the botched war in Yemen as reasons to oppose MBS's visit.

During the meeting, they reviewed the Saudi-British relations in various fields and the opportunities to develop them.

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"The link that we have with Saudi Arabia is historic, it is an important one, and it has saved the lives of potentially hundreds of people in this country", May said, pausing her answer briefly as opposition lawmakers cried "Shame!"

"The archbishop voiced his distress at the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, and asked that all that is possible be done to alleviate the suffering of civilian populations and to seek an end to the conflict", the statement said.

"Behind the smiles and handshakes on show tomorrow, and despite Prince Mohammed bin Salman's attempts to be a poster boy for progress, there are some uncomfortable truths about his repressive government that must not be forgotten", she wrote in an editorial for The Independent.

Later this month Prince Mohammed visits the United States, which also wants the lucrative listing, although sources said both countries might miss out. They follow a tumultuous period that saw a major military shake-up and a royal purge, part of a sweeping power play by the prince.

But May touted the relationship between Britain and Saudi Arabia, saying it's critical for anti-terrorism concerns. Joint Strategic Partnership Council is also under consideration. Public listing of State Oil Firm Saudi Aramco on London Stock Exchange is also expected.

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