Cris Cyborg I'd Fight Ronda Rousey in WWE ... Doubts Ronda's Down

Cris Cyborg I'd Fight Ronda Rousey in WWE ... Doubts Ronda's Down

The Raw General Manager then said that Stephanie had called Rousey a "has-been" before he was escorted out of the ring by Triple H.

With Rousey promoting her appearance on Raw, WWE will likely get a huge bump in ratings.

How will Ronda Rousey repay Triple H and Stephanie McMahon? After putting Triple H through a table, Rousey was slapped by Stephanie McMahon. Except this time, she was demanding an apology for being slapped.

Of course, the 31-year-old actually signed with the WWE a few weeks ago but her "official" contract signing took place live on PPV and, in true professional wrestling fashion, it did not take place without a few fireworks.

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Check out her message below, that recaps what happened over the last two nights.

Cris Cyborg says there ain't a chance Ronda Rousey would come back to fight her in the, she's lettin' Ronda know she's 100% down to rumble in her new home - WWE!

With Kurt Angle revealing Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's plan for revenge for Rousey, a potential mixed tag match between Rousey and Angle and Triple H and Stephanie could end up being the match at WrestleMania. You know she did a lot for the women of MMA and it was announced that she wants to change her career and she's gonna be with the WWE.

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