Emma Watson provokes grammar sticklers with Time's Up tattoo

Emma Watson provokes grammar sticklers with Time's Up tattoo

Emma Watson arriving at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party held in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA. While attending the Glastonbury music festival in 2010, she sported a temporary tattoo on her upper arm, two birds unwraveling a scroll that read "mother lover".

Watson displayed the inside of her right forearm to show the feminist message of her new ink: a Time's Up tattoo in a cursive script.

Watson has to know that her fake tattoo isn't grammatically correct. She managed to act professionally and receive a bachelor's degree all at the same time, which is probably why Twitter was on fire once users noticed that Watson's temporary #TimesUp tattoo had a blatant mistake.

"@EmmaWatson have you forgotten the apostrophe on your "Time's up" tattoo".

What are your thoughts on Watson's Time's Up tattoo?

Watson, a United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador, has long-supporter the anti-sexual harassment cause, donating north of a million dollars to a legal defense fund for men and women who claim to be victims of workplace misconduct.

White House reportedly preparing to replace HR McMaster as national security adviser
The publication said Trump griped that McMaster droned on too long and was too rigid in his thinking. McMaster in the Oval Office", White House spokesman Michael Anton said in e-mail sent to reporters.

In February, the self-proclaimed feminist donated £1 million to the Justice and Equality Fund, which advocates for sexual harassment victims in the United Kingdom.

At last night's Oscars awards celebrities brought their A-game to the red carpet and after parties.

"Look around, ladies and gentlemen, because we all have stories to tell and projects we need financed", she told the crowd.

She concluded her short speech with the words "inclusion rider" in reference to a clause actors are entitled to add to their contract that specifying diversity amongst the cast and crew.

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