Google is rolling out Lens update to all Google Photos users

Google is rolling out Lens update to all Google Photos users

While Android users are seeing the update today, those using Photos on iOS can also expect Lens as well. Google is now rolling out this feature to all Android smartphones that have Google Photos installed.

In the beginning, Google Lens was made available only to Pixel users, but before Lens, Google Goggles was an early app version and it was first released a year ago for Pixel users exclusively too.

Google's aim for Lens is understanding what you're looking at and take actions based on that information.

How does Google Lens work?

As explained by XDA Developers in a report, Google Lens essentially leverages Google's huge machine learning platform to try and predict what the user is pointing the camera at. On the other side of the coin, it was quick to allow us to copy text and to create a contact from a business card. The tool leverages Google's artificial intelligence (AI) efforts and computer vision to analyse photos to display relevant information. Now, as far as the latest version of Android is concerned, we have known that the Google Pixel 2 lineup was the first to get released with the latest version of Android.

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Google Lens' wider support is rolling out on a gradual basis, and everyone should have the update in the next few days, Google tweeted. Pichai connected his phone to a Wi-Fi network just by snapping a photo of a sticker on the internet router.

Google Lens is able to identify paintings and artwork.

One of the more interesting announcements during the Google I/O keynote last summer was Google Lens - a new feature which brings Google Assistant's brain to your smartphone's camera.

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