Original plan for Brock Lesnar on Raw

Original plan for Brock Lesnar on Raw

WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar is likely going to have another UFC fight. During an appearance on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio with Kevin Harvick, White was asked about a potential return of the reigning WWE universal champion, and he seems pretty optimistic Lesnar will be back as a headliner for his company. The second is because there could have been heat on him for the photo that Dana White sent out of Lesnar during the Elimination Chamber event and they made a decision to not use him at all.

Lesnar, of course, did make a brief return to the octagon, for UFC 200 in 2016, knocking out Mark Hunt, then getting slapped with a one-year suspension for testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. The fight would eventually be overturned due to Lesnar failing a drug test for clomiphene.

Remember how expertly WWE and Lesnar trolled us three years ago in the walkup to WrestleMania 31, to the point where we all tuned in to a live Lesnar ESPN interview in which he was supposed to confirm his pending departure for UFC?

Lesnar's contract with the WWE expires in the Summer but any return to the Octagon would have to wait until later in the year as the wrestler still has to complete six months of the ban that was handed down to him after the Hunt bout. "When Brock Lesnar won the championship, it was fun".

Lesnar was in Las Vegas this past weekend, only he didn't choose to spend it with WWE. When Lesnar agreed to the contract that he's now serving, there was a clause that allows WWE to book him for additional dates for more money if they used up the agreed amount.

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Neither Lesnar nor Heyman were in Anaheim last night, although they were advertised and a segment with both of them was written into the script of the show.

"I think Brock Lesnar does whatever Brock Lesnar wants to do".

If Lesnar decides to leave WWE and pursue one more run with UFC, he wouldn't be able to fight right away.

WrestleMania 34 is just 40 days away, and Lesnar is in nearly the same position he found himself in three years ago. "... I'd like to see him come back".

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