Oscars: Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway Reportedly Presenting Best Picture Again

Oscars: Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway Reportedly Presenting Best Picture Again

At the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway are getting a mulligan: the Bonnie and Clyde pair will present the Oscar for best picture again, one year after they infamously announced La La Land, instead of the actual victor, Moonlight.

An accountant from PricewaterhouseCoopers gave Beatty the wrong envelope as the actor, along with Faye Dunaway, his co-star in 1967′s "Bonnie and Clyde", went out to present the Best Picture award at the end of the show.

And Beatty/ Dunaway's return isn't the only presenter shake-up this year, with an old tradition - whoever won Best Actor the previous year presenting Best Actress - falling by the wayside after last year's male victor Casey Affleck declined to take part in the ceremony. The award then went to the correct victor, MOONLIGHT moments after.

As he explained on stage, the envelope he read out said: "Emma Stone, La La Land".

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Other presenters on the night are expected to include Stone presenting Best Actor, last year's Best Supporting Actor victor Mahershala Ali, who'll present Best Supporting Actress and last year's victor of that category Viola Davis, who will present Best Supporting Actor. Reports suggest the pair are folding last year's snafu into their script, with Dunaway starting: "Presenting is better the second time around", before Beatty followed up with, "The victor is 'Gone with the Wind'".

Dunaway then ran off the stage, leaving a bewildered Beatty behind. "We couldn't have imagined that (envelope mix-up) before it happened, so you never know". Staff are no longer allowed to look at their phones or social media backstage, and will double-check the envelopes before the presenters take the stage. "I thought well, maybe this is a misprint".

The 90th anniversary Academy Awards show comes a year after the biggest mistake in Oscar history, and Jimmy Kimmel returns as host. "And we really got one".

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