PUBG gets a roadmap for 2018, includes plans for two new maps

PUBG gets a roadmap for 2018, includes plans for two new maps

Today's biggest announcement is a new four-kilometer by four-kilometer map expected to hit the game's test servers in April.

Tweaks like new building textures and game stability should create a more distinct world that's also less laggy, while the addition of emotes will be ideal for pissing off enemies. A new eight-kilometer by eight-kilometer map has also been confirmed, though further details weren't provided.

"It's a much smaller map and should give you all a much more intense and faster paced Battle Royale experience". For instance, the team is working on new game modes, new vehicles, and new weapons, but they aren't able to share the specifics of any of these additions quite yet. What could this mean?

New animations are going to be introduced to both third-person and first-person game modes, including but not limited to entering vehicles and clambering over walls.

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We are going to be introducing an in-game friend system, voice chat in main menu and vehicle and limb penetration system.

Naturally, Greene says work will continue on the optimization and stability of PUBG's game client and servers, as well as the never-ending battle to detect and ban cheaters. Just as it sounds, this interface wheel will allow players to choose one of many emotes that they can use to interact with their opponents and teammates in various - and quick - ways. Marked in the top left as a 4x4km concept, it is half the size of the previous two maps, seemingly without sacrificing the 100 player count, from what Greene says.

"Seriously, we are not there yet, but we will be", the post starts by saying. We are now polishing and debugging the test build. Therefore, the game studio plans to rework the shooter's replay system and possibly add a live spectator tool, which is intended for the commentators during a match.

In the same vein, custom games will be further expanded to allow for more control and quality of life features like saving presets, with plans to expand access to a wider audience. We can also look forward to a PUBG Developer API, which "will support developers in the community by providing player and match data around gameplay performance". More emote options will be added throughout the year. It's a good day for PUBG players.

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