Apple seems to be exploring curved iPhone screens and 'touchless' gestures

So, for more information, check out Telstra's tablet page here, and be sure to check out Apple's March 2018 iPad keynote. The report mentions that the technology will require the user to perform the gesture at a close distance to the display as the motion tracking system will be housed in the display panel.

The new videos were released in conjunction with the new $329 iPad, the first non-Pro model to feature support for Apple Pencil. The curved iPhone display has been a rumor for a while now as its been in development but, now it is expected to be around two or three years away from implementation. This iPhone display would have a screen that curves inward gradually from the top to the bottom of the phone. The only catch with the new features is that they won't be available for at least two years, according to Bloomberg.

OLED, by contrast, the material found on the iPhone X and current-generation Apple Watch, is a light-emitting diode containing thin flexible sheets of an organic electroluminescent material.

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The work comes as the Cupertino, California-based smartphone pioneer looks to make its gadgets stand out. In an attempt to leave their competitors in the dust, Apple is working on new technology that will make iPhone's absolutely irresistible. It is rumored to be working on iPhones with curved screens and controls that work with just the wag of a finger. The touchless gesture control is something that's been implemented in Samsung phones already but Apple's design seems to work on a different principle entirely. Google's ATAP research group has been working on similar technology through a program known as Project Soli. Also, talking about Apple producing a new sort of device is exciting, so any whisper is more likely jumped upon than most other news bits.

Additionally, rumours of a second iPhone X with a larger 6.5 inch OLED screen being released later this year round off the report.

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