Beyonce announces $100000 scholarships to four historically black universities

Beyonce announces $100000 scholarships to four historically black universities

The singer who is African American by heritage has just announced about the donation this Monday after her performance on Saturday at the Coachella Music Festival.

A release announcing the expanded scholarship shed more light on the inspiration of Bey's performance: "The show, with its homage to excellence in education, was a celebration of the homecoming weekend experience, the highest display of college pride".

This "human" showered her fans with with almost two hours of the Blackest, Blackity, Black musical performance ever put forth for a Coachella crowd.

The response to Bey's performance was one of unanimous awe, as she forever reinvented Coachella's "white people stage" as Vince Staples called it and also the color yellow. While sporting a camouflage bodysuit and thigh-high boots during her performance with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, Beyonce danced with one hand over her strap to seemingly prevent a wardrobe whoops.

Last Saturday, Beyonce referred to her bandmates as her "sisters" - and was also joined on stage by her real sister, Solange Knowles.

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This absolutely was the very first time a dark female headlined the two-weekend festival, one of the biggest US tunes parties of this year.

Throughout her serenading the crowd, Beyoncé incorporated a skit showing a probate (or coming out ceremony) for her pledges similar to that of Black Greek letter organizations, which make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council at institutions around the country.

Coachella takes place over two consecutive weekends with identical lineups.

Previewing the new music, which frontman Toshi will sing in English in his piercing voice, X Japan showed its blend of furious hard rock and symphonic structure with key songwriter Yoshiki - topless with a neck brace after years of physically devastating head-banging - alternating between drums and piano.

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