Facebook to give parents ability to limit kids use of messenger

Facebook to give parents ability to limit kids use of messenger

In the time since its arrival on iOS in December, the app has graduated to Android, but on that same day a report emerged highlighting how numerous "experts" who had vetted the original Messenger Kids app were funded by Facebook.

YouTube Kids is introducing new features that will give parents greater control over the content their children can access while using the app.

Messenger Kids was built to give parents more control and to give kids a safer space to message and video chat with close friends and family.

Later this year, parents will be able to handpick every video and channel that children can view through the app, YouTube Kids said in its blog post, even restricting them to, say, 10 videos or a single channel. The new option is being controlled by a parent from the Parent Control center in the parent's Facebook account. After tapping on the name of the child, you'll need to tap on "Sleep Mode" in the App Controls.

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Parents have told us that they like how Messenger Kids allows them to fully control the contact list and check in on their child's messaging as they're learning to navigate the digital world. They also cannot use the camera, or receive notifications. When you're setting boundaries around the use of technology, it may be helpful to have a conversation with your child to make sure you have a mutual understanding of the ground rules.

Stay tuned with us to know more of such beneficial innovations of Facebook and other tech leaders of the industry.

What do you think of the idea of Messenger Kids in general?

If your kid attempts to access the app during blocked hours, they'll receive a simple message telling them to come back at the appropriate time to access Messenger Kids again. More parental controls in apps focused on kids are always a good thing, so this Sleep Mode is a welcome addition to Messenger Kids. If a kid does try to open the app, it will let them know it's now in sleep mode and refuse access. Since the time Facebook launched Messenger Kids for the iOS in December, the social network has been on fire. Parents can also delete the account or create a new account for the Kids within the same environment.

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