First African-American Heavyweight Boxing Champion to be pardoned?

First African-American Heavyweight Boxing Champion to be pardoned?

Now, the President tweeted to say that after speaking to "The Expendables" star on the phone and learning about the life of Jack Johnson, he is "considering" giving him a "full pardon".

Could Jack Johnson receive a presidential pardon more than 70 years after his death? The film is due for release on 18 August in Japan. Four years later, he was arrested for violating the Mann Act, which disallowed someone from transporting a woman across state lines for "immoral purposes".

President Trump is considering going to the mat for the late boxing legend Jack Johnson. This comes shortly after the president issued a pardon for Scooter Libby - the former Dick Cheney official who was convicted for perjury and obstruction of justice in 2007. But his biggest prize came on December 26, 1908, when he defeated Tommy Burns for the World Heavyweight Championship near Sydney, Australia.

The Texas brawler, who typically picked off opponents as they exhausted, claimed a resounding victory in the "Fight of the Century", a bout against former champion James Jeffries, amid huge racial tensions.

"Johnson's imprisonment forced him into the shadows of bigotry and prejudice, and continues to stand as a shameful stain on our nation's history", McCain said in a statement in January 2017.

But Johnson also refused to adhere to societal norms, living lavishly and brazenly and dating outside of his race in a time when whites often killed African-Americans without fear of legal repercussions. Johnson fled the country after his conviction, but he agreed years later to return and serve a 10-month jail sentence. He died in 1946.

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The stain on Johnson's reputation forced some family members to live in shame of his legacy. "He's not going to know", Haywood, 62, said.

"He had money, and even with his money, he couldn't stop it", Haywood said. Boxing businesspeople and reporters were hoping to find the "Great White Hope" to defeat the black boxer. And Jack Johnson was the first great showman.

Presidents who have been asked to pardon Johnson in the past have opted not to do so.

Posthumous pardons are rarely given, but they occurred from time to time.

If he's pardoned by the president, it'll be the first time it's ever been done to someone who's already dead.

Decades after his demise, supporters of the black boxer created campaigns to seek his pardon during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama years.

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