For Holocaust Remembrance Day, survivors get makeovers in Israel

For Holocaust Remembrance Day, survivors get makeovers in Israel

They show a notable lack of understanding among Americans, especially millennials, the group said.

It found that there were significant age gaps in knowledge about the Holocaust, with 22 percent of millennials saying they haven't heard or were not sure if they have heard of the Holocaust, compared to 11 percent for all USA adults.

"Anti-Semitism is on the rise, hatred is on the rise", she said.

No one will or should ever forget the Holocaust. They also persecuted and murdered millions of other Europeans, including Roma and Sinti Gypsies, persons with mental and physical disabilities, Slavs and other minorities, Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses, gays, and political dissidents. A recent survey found that 66 percent of millennials do not know what Auschwitz was. The actual number is estimated to be six million. Moreover, two-thirds of millennials (66%) could not identify what Auschwitz was.

The Yom HaShoah program will continue with a special service which gives voice to those who endured the cruelties of the Holocaust, from those who perished at the hands of the Nazis to those who miraculously survived. Most Americans believe that significant numbers of neo-Nazis are operating in the country, a new survey says.

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"This study underscores the importance of Holocaust education in our schools", said Greg Schneider, Executive Vice President of the Claims Conference. "Let us remember the courage of those who died and those who lived and those who fought and fell in battle against great odds".

Claims Conference President Julius Berman said it is "vital to open a dialogue on the state of Holocaust awareness so that the lessons learned inform the next generation".

A study released on Thursday found critical gaps in knowledge of basic facts about the Holocaust among the United States public, especially among young adults.

The study was conducted by the Claims Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, a body seeking restitution for Holocaust victims and their families.

Despite the concerning results, the Claims Conference found that almost all Americans (93%) wished for additional Holocaust education. Respondents were selected randomly and reflected the demographics of the American adult population, it said.

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