Google to introduce disappearing Gmail messages

Google to introduce disappearing Gmail messages

So changes are important.

Finally, Google says security warnings for potentially risky email will be bigger, bolder and simpler, making it more likely you'll delete or archive potentially unsafe messages. The new option also requires them to enter a one-time passcode sent to their phones to read it.

The updated aesthetics aren't hard to adjust to and there's a handful of great new features.

Nudging, offline support, and confidential mode will roll out to all users in the next few weeks, Thacker said.

Google said this would be "useful for when you have to send sensitive information via email" as it would "help you stay in control". Users also have the option to stop recipients from forwarding, copying, downloading or even printing out a message you've sent them.

Mobile Gmail app too has been updated.

Unreliable offline access to email has long discouraged would-be customers, while recent high-profile corporate data breaches have increased their desire to lock down email. And if you're really paranoid, you can even insist on having the recipient complete a two-factor authentication prompt before they are allowed to view. While the first three were already a part of Gmail's functionality, Snooze is the latest addition and it allows you to put off emails that you can not get to at the moment. The panel allows you to copy or paste content from Gmail into other apps, or just quickly jot down a note or add a task. On iOS, users have had to look to third-party clients instead. There's no way to get to it when you're actually reading an email.

Hovering on an email conversation in your Gmail inbox will reveal shortcuts such as Archive, Delete, Mark as Read, and Snooze, right next to the preview. Surely with this new upgradation to the Gmail platform, Google is taking things farther up the quality spectrum this time.

Finally, "smart replies" which auto-generate an appropriate response based on the contents of the email are making their way from Google's experimental "Inbox" app into the mainstream Gmail software.

This should be a nice addition for many people, especially those who receive so many push notifications that they can't keep up every day. In addition to that, the tabs are compatible with drag and down so that you can simply move emails over to, for instance, Google Tasks and create a new task.

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To help you understand the new look of Gmail, here are some of its most promising features. It will warn people if a sender appears to be posing as someone you know.

Gmail web or app will suggest you unsubscribe from newsletters or commercial messages you don't open. All you have to do is type the + sign and start typing until you see the contact information for the person you're looking for.

It will include offline functionality and resemble Microsoft Outlook.

Despite all the helpful new bells and whistles, the new Gmail has some frustrating elements as well.

Google, Google Gmail, Gmail, Gmal Revamp, Gmail Confidentiality Feature, Gmail Revamp, Gmail Self Destructing Mails, Gmail Revamp Features, Gmail for AndroidGoogle is rolling out a new update to Gmail and has been dropping constant hints about the same.

Since many email hacks start with low-tech phishing scams, Gmail is adding large color-coded warnings on any suspicious emails. It makes it easier to find important files in your inbox.

On mobile, while not a design refresh, Gmail is getting a few functional features.

Many of those features feel geared at business users.

One handy feature Gmail has borrowed from Inbox is "Quick Actions".

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