Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Voices Support for Military Strikes in Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Voices Support for Military Strikes in Syria

"Israel welcomes the participation of British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emanuel Macron in this action", Netanyahu said at the beginning of his weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu coupled praise for US -led strikes on Syrian targets on Saturday with a warning that Iran's presence there further endangers Syria.

The poison gas attack in Douma killed up to 75 people including children.

The pre-dawn Saturday morning attack targeted a scientific research facility near Damascus, a chemical weapons storage facility west of the city of Homs, and military installation near Homs including a command post and a chemical weapons equipment storage facility.

"It should be clear to President Assad that his reckless efforts to acquire and use weapons of mass destruction, his wanton disregard for worldwide law and his provision of a forward base for Iran and its proxies endanger Syria", the statement also said.

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Asked whether Israel helped choose targets, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: "Not to my knowledge". A USA embassy spokesperson confirmed the Israeli official's comment to Reuters.

"A short time ago, I ordered the United States armed forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad", Trump said in a primetime televised address to the nation.

The premier said he told May that the leading source of instability in the region is Iran, and that Assad needs to understand that when he lets Iran militarily entrench itself and its proxies in Syria, he is endangering Syria and the entire region.

"Syria continues to engage in and provide a base for murderous actions, including those of Iran, that put its territory, its forces and its leadership at risk", the official said.

Punitive US-led strikes in Syria on Saturday are justified and are an "important signal" to Iran, Syria and Lebanon's "Hezbollah", Israeli officials said.

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