Narendra Modi lacks courage to face Cong in Parliament: Rahul Gandhi

Narendra Modi lacks courage to face Cong in Parliament: Rahul Gandhi

According to the AICC General secretary, 'Congress president Rahul Gandhi has directed to organise a nationwide fast to protect and promote communal harmony between different sections of society across the country on April 9 in all states and district headquarters'.

"For the first time, I saw a leader distributing candies for his own party's defeat as its candidates lost their deposits in the Uttar Pradesh bypolls", he said, addressing a rally to mark the BJP's 38th Foundation Day".

"You are going to see a collapse of the style you haven't seen in many years", he said, adding that the opposition will "take it over" in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana and Punjab.

Rahul attacked the PM Modi-led BJP government and alleged there was a breakdown in government due to the ruling party's mismanagement, demonetisation and implosion of the financial system. "We in the Congress know how to carry people, we are not egotistical people, we don't crush people and we don't destroy people's lives, so we will manage it", he said.

In the recently-held Uttar Pradesh bypolls in Gorakhpur and Phulpur, the BSP and the SP had joined forces and went on to hand a resounding defeat to the BJP in both the seats, vacated respectively by Uttar Pradesh chief minister and deputy chief minister.

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Let's keep all the political comments aside for this one and just enjoy this quite rare incident.In the video, he's seen standing on top of a bus, waving at the crowd, and then suddenly a supporter can be seen throwing the garland.The vehicle moves as the Gandhi scion waves to his supporters.

The focus, Gandhi said, was to get the country "out of the mess Modi and the RSS put it in". "When Nagpur runs the country, right by definition there has to be discrimination".

Responding to a question, he blamed "mentality" for Mr Modi and BJP losing track. Interacting with the workers, Gandhi said if his party comes to power at Centre, it will learn from the current Karnataka government on how to reward sanitation workers.

He also accused the Narendra Modi government of discriminating against the Congress-ruled Karnataka.

Noting that the assembly poll would be a battle of ideologies between the Congress and the BJP, Gandhi said Bengaluru's founder Kempegowda and Karnataka's 12th century social reformer Basavanna taught on how to take everyone together for the good of all and on the development path. "We have to accept that and understand that. of course, there were a lot of lies, a lot of false allegations, a lot of venom spread by the BJP and the RSS".

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