Sean Hannity is the owner of property empire buying foreclosed homes

Sean Hannity is the owner of property empire buying foreclosed homes

Around that time, Hannity had sharply criticized former President Barack Obama for the rate of US foreclosures, and he did not disclose his financial dealings with HUD during an interview previous year with HUD Secretary Ben Carson in which he complained about the state of public housing.

The article appeared to be making a case out of the fact that Hannity's loan guarantees from 2014 were not revealed in an interview past year with HUD Secretary Ben Carson, despite the original date falling under the Obama administration. Hannity was outed as a Cohen client after a federal judge forced the disclosure two weeks ago.

On Sunday, The Guardian revealed that Hannity had spent the last decade investing heavily in real estate in the United States, using a series of shell companies to amass more than 870 homes across the country.

The popular far-right Fox News host has never mentioned any of these financial dealings on-air, despite interviewing HUD Secretary Ben Carson, nor when he's covered stories about HUD. The purchases were funded by HUD loans first obtained under the OBAMA administration and later increased under the TRUMP administration; the shell companies are registered to a firm, HENSSLER FINANCIAL, owned by BILL LAKO, who has appeared on HANNITY's radio show as a financial expert and wrote an anti-Special Counsel ROBERT MUELLER article for HANNITY's website, and in neither case disclosed his ties to HANNITY.

Otero agreed, saying several times that Daniels was "undeterred".
Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has offered to return the $130,000 so she can "set the record straight". Cohen, who has denied there was ever an affair, said he paid the $130,000 out of his pocket using a home equity loan.

Hannity has purchased properties in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Texas and Vermont. They argued that the third client should remain anonymous and said the client did not allow them to disclose that they had used Cohen's services. Cohen also facilitated a $1.6 million payment to a former Playboy model who said Broidy got her pregnant, The Wall Street Journal reported last week. But even Trump-defending frequent Fox News guest Alan Dershowitz scolded Hannity on his own show for the infraction.

"I really think that you should have disclosed your relationship with Cohen when you talked about him on this show", Dershowitz said.

Hannity replied that his relationship with Cohen was "minimal". Visit for more information on this news.

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