Consumer Reports recommends 'buy' for Tesla Model 3

Consumer Reports recommends 'buy' for Tesla Model 3

"Consumer Reports now recommends the Tesla Model 3 after our testers found that a recent update improved the car's braking distance by nearly 20 feet", it said. As you may have seen, Consumer Reports last week withheld its recommendation to buy Tesla's more compact luxury vehicle, the Model 3, after its testers "found flaws-big flaws-such as long stopping distances in our emergency braking test and difficult-to-use controls".

In a tweet about the new recommendation, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the braking and user-interface improvements will roll out to all Model 3s, and that the company is working to improve the ride and wind noise.

To perform the test, researchers slam on the vehicle's brakes when the auto is traveling 60 miles per hour and measure the distance the vehicle travels until it comes to a stop. CR said that with the fix, the vehicle braked from 60 miles per hour to rest in 19 fewer feet than before - putting it on par with Tesla's own estimation of a 133-foot stopping distance, a distance that CR said is "typical for a compact luxury auto".

The improved braking raised the car's score high enough for it to be a recommended buy.

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The magazine also took issues with a stiff back seat and and wind noise that Musk further claimed to be fixing in the factory, according to Bloomberg. Musk also suggested the car's 15-inch touchscreen display could receive an over-the-air update to make it easier to use. Rather, he said that the issue could very well be resolved via an over-the-air software update.

Tesla's profitability depends highly on the success of its Model 3 production.

"Would love to be in India", Musk said in the Twitter posting.

A Tesla (TSLA) spokesperson told the magazine the software was updated to improve the brakes' performance with different drivers and in varying environmental conditions. The advocacy groups maintain that Tesla and Musk are violating a recently enacted law that bars companies from making statements that lead drivers to mistakenly think a vehicle is fully autonomous if it doesn't meet the state's definition of a self-driving auto. Consumer Reports, meanwhile, argued that the screen makes it more hard for riders to accomplish "simple tasks", such as adjusting the air conditioning and the car's mirrors, especially while driving safely.

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