Democrats ask FTC to investigate Google's data collection practices

Democrats ask FTC to investigate Google's data collection practices

This data includes location information regardless of whether a user has turned off their location or does not have a SIM card.

With Volvo's Sensus running on Google Android software, apps installed on the system will be made available and updated in real time, much like on a smartphone, which will allow future Volvo cars to react to customers' individual needs and offer up-to-date information and predictive services.

Like the USA senators, Australian regulators question whether consumers have given valid consent for the extent of Google's information collection. Concerned about the impact that both Google and Facebook have had on the advertising market, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (the ACCC) launched an inquiry. The company has also claimed in the past that Google's Android data exfiltration activities go as far as recording the cell mast users' smartphones are connected to.

Oracle experts reportedly said that only on turning off an Android device prevents the tracking. "Most consumers do not understand the level, granularity, and reach of Google's data collection", Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat, and Markey, a Democrat from MA, argue in their May 11 letter to FTC chairman Joseph Simons.

"We investigate how users know about the use of their location data, and work closely with the Privacy Commissioner", said Geesche Jacobsen, a spokesman for the competition regulator.

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In Australia, 1 GB of data costs roughly $3.60-$4.50 a month.

Australian telecoms said they were seeking confirmation from Google on the allegations.

The report said a Google spokesman had refused to answer specific questions, without detailing what the queries were.

Earlier this year, social media giant Facebook Inc apologized after web marketing firm Cambridge Analytica was accused of obtaining users' data without permission for the 2016 election campaign of United States President Donald Trump. Currently, there are 10 million users in Australia using androids. According to Oracle, Google is able to get information as accurate as "which level of a shopping mall you are on" by using barometric pressure reading.

The report said the inability to turn off the location services in Android poses a risk for individuals who want to hide their location for security purposes, like law enforcement officials and victims of domestic abuse.

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