Oil City school board to vote next week on tentative budget

Oil City school board to vote next week on tentative budget

It's a tough situation many schools districts have faced.

The election Tuesday is from noon-8 p.m.at the middle school, in Room 111.

York Central School has proposed a 2018-19 budget of $16,771,418, an increase of $145,192, or 0.8 percent from the current budget.

The proposed 2 percent hike in the local property tax levy is less than the 2.68 percent increase that would be allowable for the district under state tax-cap formulas, Assistant Superintendent for Business Karl Keil Jr.

Kishimoto, who has a three-year contract with a $240,000 annual salary, assumed her new role at a transitional time for the state's schools. The largest source of budget revenue is state financial aid, at more than $37 million.

Some of the polls open as early as 7 a.m. and they're open until 9 p.m. tonight.

That 2 percent increase would result in an additional $139,480 in revenue and, with a total local tax revenue stream of $7.11 million, would make up 21.8 percent of the total budget.

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In New Rochelle, the budget will need at least 60 percent of voters to approve the spending plan in order to pass.

The school board received 57 applications for the position from candidates representing 19 states. The candidates are: Melinda Leising, Donna Durr Arancio and Samuel Catterson.

In addition to the school budget in East Greenbush, voters will decide on the purchase of 10 new school buses, a new bus purchase reserve fund and elect four Board of Education members. Polls are open into the evening in all districts from Montauk to Bridgehampton.

The Quogue School District will ask voters to pick between two candidates fighting for a seat on the board: incumbent Hector Joseph Silva, who filled a vacant seat left by the resignation of Dr. Anael Alston in 2016, and newcomer Timothy Carbone.

Bridgehampton voting hours are from 2 to 8 p.m.at the school. "So in a sense, for the next ten years we could do $100 million of fix and maintenance to our school buildings and not have to borrow". The district projects that its 2018-19 tax levy - that is, total revenues raised through property taxes - will rise 2.72 percent, rather than the maximum under the cap of almost 4.22 percent.

A second proposition deals with allowing a senior from the high school to serve as a non-voting member of the school board.

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