Terrifying moment man is attacked by lion in front of screaming onlookers

Terrifying moment man is attacked by lion in front of screaming onlookers

The video from South African news station News 24 shows Mike Hodge, 67, entering the lion's den at Marakele Predator Centre on Monday and the animal charging at him.

A police spokesperson told the Associated Press that the man suffered jaw and neck injuries and is intensive care.

Pictures shows Mr Hodge smiling in his hospital bed despite his injuries, with a friend telling The Sun that he is recovering from the dramatic ordeal.

Bystanders filming the encounter captured the moment that the big cat suddenly turned on Mike Hodge, grabbing him and pulling him to the ground as the keeper tried to flee.

Onlookers can be heard screaming for help as the lion swings at Hodge, who then appears motionless at that point.

Pictured, Makarele Predator Park owners Chris Hedge and his wife, Chrissy.Makarele Predator Park lion attack: Commentators viscerally react to lion being put down.

Marakele Predator Park was established in 2010 by Mike and Chrissy Hodge after they emigrated from the United Kingdom, according to its website.

At the time, Hodge who owned the wildlife park along with a park ranger had become concerned about fissure emanating from the enclosure.

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He and wife Chrissy moved to South Africa to open the sanctuary in 2003.

Marakele Predator Centre is situated 9 Km's out of the town of THABAZIMBI in the LIMPOPO region of the bushveld, surrounded by the handsome Waterberg Mountains.

The lion then releases Hodge from his grip and runs away.

One viewer questioned why he had ventured so close to the lion.

Mr Hodge was rescued after a gun was sacked, causing the lion to drop him and run away.

The elderly man reportedly remains in a critical condition.

'Set him free, where he deserves to be'.

Offered another, 'I can't believe another innocent animal is killed due to the ignorance of some i d i o t that thought he could enter an enclosure that was full of wild predatory animals.

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