25 killed in Guatemala volcano eruption

25 killed in Guatemala volcano eruption

Streets and houses were covered in the town of Antigua, a popular tourist destination.

A vehicle is partially covered with ash after Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupted violently, in Guatemala City, Guatemala June 3, 2018.

A towering cloud of smoke from Volcan de Fuego, Spanish for "volcano of fire", 44 kilometres from Guatemala City has also blanketed nearby villages in heavy ash.

Volcan de Fuego is one of Central America's most active volcanoes.

Guatemalan authorities are on alert after the countryís Volcano of Fire erupted in dramatic fashion on Sunday. Three bodies lay partially buried in ash-colored debris from the volcano, which lies about 27 miles from Guatemala City.

Rescue workers pulled at least 10 people alive from ash and mud flows around Guatemala's Volcan de Fuego on Monday. A video circulating on social media showed a black cloud of ash rising from just beyond the golf club.

Guatemala's Volcan de Fuego - Volcano of Fire - erupted spectacularly Sunday, shooting a plume of ash and gas almost six miles into the sky and spreading ash and debris across towns and farms more than 10 miles away from the volcano.

"We were at a party, celebrating the birth of a baby, when one of the neighbors shouted at us to come out and see the lava that was coming", Hilda Lopez recalled.

President Jimmy Morales is considering declaring a state of emergency.

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A total of about 1.7 million people have been affected by the eruption, the Guatemalan government says.

"Unfortunately El Rodeo was buried and we haven't been able to reach the La Libertad village because of the lava and maybe there are people that died there too", Sergio Cabanas, the national disaster coordinator, said.

A powerful natural disaster has also hit the Guatemalan coast, though there are no reports of damage so far.

The volcano spewed black smoke and ash into the sky, prompting the evacuation of some 100 people and forcing the capital's La Aurora worldwide airport to shut down its only runway. It spewed a river of hot lava that cut directly through the village of El Rodeo, at the foot of the volcano, burying the town and causing some deaths.

There are also "missing persons, but we do not know how many", Cabanas said, adding that lava had blocked entry to several communities.

Hundreds of rescue workers, including firefighters, police and soldiers, worked to help any survivors and recover any more bodies amid the still-smoking lava.

A chain of more than 30 volcanoes makes up Guatemala's part of the ring of fire, although only two others are active.

It's the second time this year it has erupted.

The volcano erupted Sunday, burying people in ash and searing mud that raced down its flanks.

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