Double-header film screening for World Environment Day

Double-header film screening for World Environment Day

On World Environment Day 2018, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has a simple message: "Reject single-use plastic".

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland, said: "Plastic is a valuable resource, and one which can help generate additional income when recycled properly, yet we are throwing it away, adding to pollution in Scotland, and wasting public money that could have been invested in schools, parks or local facilities".

The event emphasised the role of schools, colleges and universities in protecting nature and environment as well as beating plastic pollution, stated another official release.

He said India was his choice to host this year's "World Environment Day" due to a variety of reasons, including its vast population and fast economic growth.

The theme of this year's Environment Day was specifically very pertinent in the context of Pakistan where the use of these plastic bags is still on the rise to alarming proportions and playing havoc with our environment, poisoning our oceans, land and our own health.

The African Development Bank (AfDB), says there is the need to take action against plastic pollution in Africa.

"While we don't have a shoreline here in Darebin, even our plastic waste often ends washed out to sea via our creeks and rivers - so as citizens of the Earth we all have a responsibility to minimise our reliance on single-use plastics and carefully manage the plastic waste we do produce", said the Mayor.

Everyone addressed plastic pollution yesterday celebrating the UN World Environment Day which this year is hosted in New Delhi, India.

He also pointed out that plastic pollution was now entering into the food chain and micro plastics had even entered basic things such as salt, bottled water and tap water.

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"The Government of Canada will continue to drive progress on the environmental challenges we face as a global community, and protect the clean air and water we share".

The above initiative by India is the most ambitious one, which is meant to tackle plastic pollution, compared to the actions announced by 60 world counties.

"The only way forward is massive enlightenment on the need for a total refusal of the plastic option; let us legislate against it and its use for packaging or storage".

For years, environmentalists have warned of the deadly effect plastic trash has on marine wildlife.

The Prime Minister said, Government had launched the Namami Gange initiative and the programme has already started giving results.

Most of this plastic garbage clogging waterways and landfill is single-use items like straws, bags and cutlery.

Plastic can persist in the environment for almost a thousand years before it fully disintegrates and keeping this in mind, many organisations and governments are looking for alternatives to tackle this problem.

In 2008, the Government of Rwanda successfully chose to ban plastic bags from being used anymore, and this has since played a positive role in development efforts.

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