Sony blocks Fortnite players from transferring progress to Nintendo’s Switch

Sony blocks Fortnite players from transferring progress to Nintendo’s Switch

Today's Nintendo Direct announced that Fortnite is headed to the Switch - and it's available right now. It doesn't look like there'll be any Nintendo-specific content for the platform, but it also doesn't seem like anything's been removed or streamlined to make the game work for the Switch, which is impressive. In fact, if you have an Epic Games account for Fortnite on PS4, you can't use that same account on Switch or use any of the cosmetics you've paid money for.

Fortnite stole the show at E3 Expo 2018 with their Pro-Am tournament, Nintendo Switch release, and massive booth.

Sony has previously blocked cross platform play on Rocket League and Minecraft, despite the feature working between Xbox One, PC and Switch just fine.

"The $100,000,000 will be split between many events at different levels of competition around the globe".

If you haven't heard of Fortnite by now, you either have no kids or you've been living under a rock. With Switch, players can squad up with their friends in the same room or around the world, and even play on the go.

Court Approves AT&T’s Merger With Time Warner
Outside of court, however, critics of the lawsuit pointed to Trump's frequent criticism of CNN, which is owned by Time Warner. The transaction will close on or before June 20, AT&T's lead lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, told reporters after the ruling .

Its most popular format, Battle Royale, pits 100 players against each other, some of whom are in small teams, to see who is the last person standing.

Epic stated that qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup will begin starting this fall, and the first Fortnite World Cup is officially set to begin sometime in late 2019.

Epic Games hasn't said anything publicly about revenue from "Fortnite". With several famous celebrities co-signing the addicting game, Fortnite picked up a long list of free support. Until now, competitive Fortnite has been limited largely to small online events with arguably the most popular being YouTuber Daniel "Keemstar" Keem's Friday Fortnite tourney.

James Thompson, the chief executive of United Kingdom games developer Automation and now building 1,000-player battle royale game Mavericks Proving Grounds, said his team was building the game with wellbeing in mind.

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