Brock Lesnar Enters Octagon, Shoves Daniel Cormier After He Wins Heavyweight Title

The two are scheduled to fight in a heavyweight title fight Saturday in Las Vegas. Or will the light heavyweight champion prove that he is the "baddest man on the planet" by taking out Miocic with his signature wrestling and a tireless pace that few can maintain over five rounds?

The elite college wrestler made two Olympic teams before transitioning to mixed martial arts and dominating the competition as a heavyweight.

And nearly nobody actually pulls them off. Cormier connected with a short but vicious right hook on the break, trailed the fallen Miocic to the mat and blasted him with hammerfists until the job was done.

"I should be in the conversation", Cormier said. "So let's do it".

"This is going to be the weirdest decision ever", Joe Rogan said. "They can't go as hard as me".

"I believe he'll get him down once or twice along the way but I don't believe he'll be able to control him on the floor. This is the kind of fight you always wonder about". The "Beast Incarnate" then stormed the ring, shoved the new champion and grabbed a microphone, trash-talking Cormier, Miocic, and fellow heavyweight Francis Ngannou in an expletive-laden rampage. The light heavyweight champion was given a firm warning from the referee. He was the first heavyweight fighter to win three title defense matches; now, he will go for number four.

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Cormier, who had already been warned about extending his fingers, dug his finger into Miocic's eye. "I spent all camp knocking out my training partners, and today I got to do it in the octagon".

When they stand next to one another, Stipe Miocic looms over Daniel Cormier.

"Stipe and I were in the heavyweight division at the same time".

Cormier only moved down to light heavyweight when he joined the UFC because he didn't want to fight former UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez, his good friend and training partner in San Jose, California. Cormier, meanwhile, has mowed down everyone put in front of him not named Jon Jones.

"Every person I fight is bigger than me", Cormier said. "When was the last time I was bigger?" These guys, they're all the same. It should also be noted that the recent wave of CTE cases hammering the National Football League from players of another era has resonated throughout all professional sports, causing the overlords of those concerns to take an overly cautious approach in the way they handle their talent. I'm not going to reinvent the wheel nine years into my career. "For that reason and that reason alone I'm leaning towards Stipe". So as great as Anderson Silva was, he tested positive I think two times. He's certainly in discussion for it alongside Georges St-Pierre and Demetrious Johnson. Conor McGregor was the UFC's featherweight champ in 2016 when he took the lightweight title from Eddie Alvarez.

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