Colombian Drug Traffickers Put A $70000 Bounty On A Police Dog

Colombian Drug Traffickers Put A $70000 Bounty On A Police Dog

Colombian police have taken precautions to keep Sombra safe, like moving her away from her usual beat of Colombia's port cities, run by the Urabeños.

She's since been relocated to an airport in Bogotá, where, according to the news outlet, she's accompanied by extra security officers to ensure her safety.

President-elect Ivan Duque promised a tougher approach on coca production during his election campaign, with strategies including aerial spraying and drones.

The drug lord in question is head of Clan del Golfo (the Gulf Clan) - a drug cartel which has its own guerrilla army - and he has had enough of the animal [VIDEO]'s incredible skills.

She is so darn good at uncovering tons of cocaine that the powerful Urabeños mafia wants her dead.

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The Urabeños offered a bounty of up to 200 million Colombian pesos - almost $70,000 - for the canine's life, Colombia's national police said last week.

"Sombra the German shepherd has become the terror of criminal organizations, " a recent story in Colombia's El Espectador newspaper proclaimed. Since her transfer to Bogota in January, the German shepherd has found thousands of pounds of the drug hidden in various boxes of wooden necklaces and sneakers.

While Sombra is furry and friendly and fun, the death threats made against her are real-and show exactly how serious the drug war can be. A few months ago, the tenacious hound sniffed out 77 kilos of cocaine placed deep inside an industrial machine. Some officers were killed by hitmen acting on the orders of drug traffickers, while others died in attacks like bombings on police stations.

Sombra's victories have turned her into somewhat of a media darling, and as she struts around Bogota's airport with her handler, fans occasionally stop her for a selfie. That dog, as you may have guessed, is Sombra.

Despite the bounty on her head, Sombra has her fans.

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