Controversial rapper 6ix9ine hospitalised after reportedly being pistol-whipped, kidnapped and robbed

Then the goons took him for a ride and threatened to kill him if he didn't fork over cash and jewelry. The rapper was heading home from working on a music video in Brooklyn when the incident occurred.

Three hooded gunmen then jumped out of the vehicle, before grabbing and pistol-whipping him until he lost consciousness.

He then allegedly called someone inside - believed to be his daughter's mother - and asked her to come down with his jewelry. That report says Hernandez was accosted after arriving home early Sunday from a video shoot when another auto pulled up and blocked his driveway.

The gunmen then drove away with the 6ix 9ine still in the back seat of the auto. Sources told The Post he was wearing a $750,000 chain - which got swiped during the alleged stick-up, along with approximately $15-20K in cash.

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A little while later, the gunmen pulled up to Tekashi's home and two of them made their way inside as the third watched the rapper inside the vehicle.

Tekashi told law enforcement two men with guns jumped out of the vehicle, stole the driver's iPhone and put the rapper in the back of their auto. Eventually, he was able to free himself by opening one of the doors in the back and jumping out. One of the gunmen started to chase him but stopped because he was afraid he would later be recognized. The stranger called 911 - then promptly ask the roughed-up rapper to get out of the vehicle.

The rapper received help from local authorities and was taken to a hospital by ambulance where tests are being run. He's now undergoing various tests by the doctors.

The report comes only hours after the release of his collaboration with Nicki Minaj, "FeFe".

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