F1 season to start one week earlier

F1 season to start one week earlier

Max Verstappen of Red Bull ruled the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday to the delight of his home fans as he capitalized on a disaster-filled race for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton.

Do you think Verstappen would've still won the race if he wouldn't have made that move on Raikkonen?

"So they have never been in a position - or the management of the team has never been in a position - where they have had to go head to head through an entire season, and of course the closer you get towards the end of the year the more the pressure builds". The Ferraris are really fast. I don't see the necessity to decide every time.

"There's a very small lap time gain in having it open just through Turn 1", Hartley said.

"I mean, it's the bumpiest track I've ever experienced, it's bumpier than the Nordschleiffe, which is 100 years old".

Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas finished behind Hamilton in both sessions, taking second in the day's opening encounter before slipping to third in the afternoon.

If Hamilton claims his fifth consecutive win in his home race on Sunday, it will be his sixth British Grand Prix victory in total, surpassing the record he now holds with Jim Clark and Alain Prost.

The Austrian penalty was imposed despite both Vettel and Sainz progressing to the final phase of qualifying without any difficulty.

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After Friday's running, Hamilton couldn't hide his enthusiasm for the experience of manhandling his Mercedes W09 around the historic Silverstone circuit.

"We're flat out through Copse, through Turn 1, through Turn 2 with the DRS and its insane how fast it is".

"It's one of the best tracks because it's so physical". I feel I have the best strategy team behind me. It has a fantastic atmosphere and great fun to drive on this track because it's so fast, the fastest it has ever been. "I think immediately after the race and as soon as they got the vehicle back that evening there was a fix that was designed and put into test mode so the team are super on it and confident that we've done everything we can to made sure it doesn't happen again".

"It has been an up-and-down season, I can't really explain it", Hamilton said. "That would be very good news". 'We all wished it wasn't the way it was, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

One distraction beyond Hamilton's control is England's World Cup quarterfinal against Sweden on Saturday.

"Team orders will play a role sooner or later, and that's fine with me too, but that time has not come yet", Raikkonen said at Silverstone.

'I don't think it's a title decider but I can't predict what will happen.

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