'It Cost Me My Life's Work'

'It Cost Me My Life's Work'

A defiant and sometimes rambling Roseanne Barr took to Sean Hannity's Fox News program Thursday and, defiant and humbled in equal parts, said the controversial tweet that led to the cancellation of her popular ABC program was a "mistake" and "it cost me everything, my life's work".

Roseanne has vehemently maintained that she didn't even know Jarrett was black, she thought she was white.

During the interview, Hannity asked Barr if she would apologize to Jarrett. Including someone who looks like me-her skin tone looks like mine-I didn't know she was african american.

"I was so sad that people thought it was racist", Barr said, in her first televised interview since the "Rosanne" revival was shut down after ABC deemed the tweet "abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values".

"I am so sorry you thought I was racist and you thought my tweet was racist, because it wasn't".

Barr, a staunch supporter of President TrumpDonald John TrumpMeadows threatens to force a vote on Rosenstein impeachment Republican feels "victimized" by Twitter "shadow banning" GOP senators surprised to attend Trump's tariffs announcement MORE, also insisted that she was politically moderate, and that extreme views on the left and right had "marginalized the middle".

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I want him to stay with us, to work with us, to give the team big performances with his quality. He's a very good person, a very good professional.

Mr Trump, who had celebrated the comeback ratings for Barr at a campaign rally in March, reacted to her dismissal by complaining that he had never received an apology "for the disgusting statements made and said about me on ABC". Which I think 30 years of my work can attest to.

"And then everyone started saying I was a racist, which is the worst thing you could call a Jewish person", she continued. It was political. And I'm sorry for the misunderstanding that caused my ill-worded tweet.

Though Barr stayed relatively tame on her "Hannity" appearance, she has been fiery on her own YouTube channel and on social media.

Appearing on Hannity, the disgraced TV star explained the tweet regarding Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett was political rather than racist, and again stated that Barr thought Jarrett - who is of African-American descent - was white.

"I want to apologize to [the viewers], too", Barr said. And I'm sorry that you feel harmed and hurt. "It was Memorial Day, I had 2 beers", she told Hannity. I've apologised and explained and asked for forgiveness. During the live interview, he brought up both her issues with depression and multiple-personality disorder and her previous claims she was sexually abused by her father.

Roseanne Barr sits down for an interview on "Hannity" after being fired from the "Roseanne" reboot.

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